Silver Bay Coin & Bullion Terms and Conditions

How we price our products

For most bullion items our prices are based off of the New York Commodity Exchange spot price at the time of the order. Numismatic items are based on current market conditions.

Limited Availability

Since the majority of items that Silver Bay Coin & Bullion offers is unique, availability may be limited or unavailable at any given time.

Silver Bay Coin & Bullion return policy

Numismatic and currency items can be returned with the original receipt within 10 days. However,
because bullion can be a volatile commodity, we are unable to accept returns.

When selling to Silver Bay Coin & Bullion, Inc.

If you visit our store, we pay for most items with cash, check or bank wire at our discretion.

When buying from Silver Bay Coin & Bullion, Inc.

We accept cash for any purchases, however, an 8300 Form will be filled out for any purchase over $10,000.   Bank wires are accepted for purchases over $10,000.  We no longer accept checks or cashier's checks and we are NOT set up for any type of credit or debit cards.