Gold: The only true value of everything for over 5000 years. Countries and governments come and go......currencies such as Marks, Francs, Drachmas, are all the same--they lie on the trash heap of history. J.P. Morgan said it best...."Only gold is money...nothing else."

We offer and purchase many types of gold coin & bullion including U.S. American Eagles from 1/10 oz thru 1 oz, U.S. gold Buffalos, Canadian Maple Leafs, S. African Krugerrands, Austrian Philharmonics and many others.

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American Gold Eagle

American Eagle Bullion Coins provide investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to add physical gold to their investment portfolios. Since their launch in 1986, Gold American Eagles have become the leading bullion coin investment in America. American gold Eagles are available in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz sizes.

Strategic note. The 1 , 1/4 , and 1/10th oz. should be good choices for future bartering.

* All American Gold Eagles are SALES TAX EXEMPT.

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American Gold Buffalo

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coins are the first .9999 fine gold coins ever struck by the United States Mint. Available to individuals seeking a simple and tangible means of investing in PURE gold in the form of legal tender coins. Each coin has a face value of $50.

The American Buffalo Gold Coin is a great way to purchase PURE Gold. Avaliable in 1oz. only.

* All Gold Buffalo Gold coins are SALES TAX EXEMPT.

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Gold Bars

The gold bar or "Ingot". We only offer the best makes. Avaliable in sizes from the very affordable 1 gram thru 400 tr.oz.

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World Gold

Gold coins from around the world in a wide variety of sizes .... from the 2 peso of Mexico at .048 tr.oz all the way upto the Kilo [ 32+ tr.oz.] Australian series ..... we like them all!

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