Silver - US Minor Silver Coins - Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars

US Minor Silver Coins, Silver Dollars, Silver Half Dollars, Silver Coins

American Dimes, Quarters & Half dollars minted 1964 and OLDER were minted with 90% silver ... 10% copper. Also know as "junk" silver, this is the most widely held form of silver with investors. Easy to count. Avaliable in as little as 1 Dime! Each $1 face containes .723 troy ozs of silver.

Strategic note.......... Also a top choice for future barter.... along with the Silver Eagle.
We are already seeing stores posting prices in "regular" money as well as 90% !

Trivia ..... Gasoline in 1964 was 20 cents a gallon ... and today, it is still 20 cents a gallon!!

* American 90% Silver coin is SALES TAX EXEMPT.

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